Bulk Web Platform

Effective! Marketing Campaigns With a Single Click.

Our SMS marketing solution shows off the power of SMS! Our cost and time efficient Marketing tools are here to enable you to create effective marketing campaigns, drive traffic online, increase customer engagement and interactivity, strengthen loyalty programs, drive traffic online and high ROI. We can be specific, effective and accurate by sending a message to a potential customer with specific demographics using our intellegent profiling platform.

Our solution could be used for: Notifications, Advertisements, Reminders, Promotions and More!

"Dear Customer, come and visit our store and earn up to a 70% discount on all items valid till end of December. Don't miss the chance!"

"Our new summer collection is now available in all stores. Hurry-up and be the first and let all follow you !"

SMPP For Enterprise

Flexible! Build Your Own System

Do you prefer to use SMPP when connecting to SMS suppliers? One of the primary advantages of partnering with us is the powerful and flexible integration options we offer enabling your business to integrate mobile messaging seamlessly into its day-to-day operations: applications, websites, intranets, CRM’s, ERP’s and other corporate software.

SMPP could be used for: Resellers, Aggregators and More!

We Serve You The Best!

SMPP Connection

We provide SMPP connection to be integrated with your system.

99.9% Uptime & SLA

Made possible with load balancing, failover, and outage-proofing.

High Performance

Handle concurrent requests with reliability and high performance.

Online Reporting System

We provide a reporting interface with real-time monitoring.

High Throughput

Supports huge number of SMS per second.

Free 24×7/365 Support

Our Support team can be reached by mail, phone or ticketing system.

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